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White-tailed Eagles - 14th October 2022

On Thursday 13th October, White-tailed Eagles went on a trip to Strangers’ Hall in Norwich. During the trip, they met four Tudor characters who discussed with them their feelings on the recent Kett’s Rebellion as well as giving them more information about what life was like in Tudor times. The children learnt about how Tudor clothes were dyed and what different people in society wore, they took a tour of Strangers’ Hall and handled some Tudor artefacts and they also had a go at doing some weaving on a loom.


After visiting Strangers’ Hall, the White-tailed Eagles then took a walk to nearby Elm Hill where they learnt about the devastating fire of 1507 and how Elm Hill was rebuilt. During their walk, they made careful observations of the houses in the street to spot Tudor period features.

White-tailed Eagles - 14th October 2022