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Week 6 - 14 October 2022

Did you know that your Oesphagus can also double as a Saliva Slide?

Did you know that there is a customs officer who stands outside your stomach, allowing only certain foods through?

Using 'Until I Met Dudley' as our inspiration, we are now halfway through our writing sequence of explanation texts. We have been writing about 'How the Digestion System Works'. We have written our 'wacky' versions this week and will be writing about 'How the Digestion System REALLY works' next week, combining our knowledge of Science. 

In PE, we have switched our focus this week towards Cross Country as children can apply their knowledge of fitness towards the need for pace judgement. 

In Maths, we have been tackling addition and subtraction, using number lines and the beginnings of the column method for this year to find the answers. 

Next week we have our assessments, but we will be continuing our Art, inspired by Lowry and our explanation text writing. 

14 October 2022