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Statutory Primary Assessments

Reception Baseline Assessment

The reception baseline assessment is administered to all pupils within the first 6 weeks of them starting reception.

The assessments consist of short, interactive tasks designed to assess a child’s early literacy, communication, language and mathematics skills and do not involve any pressure or expectation. Class teachers administer these sensitively once the children are settled into their new routines and children are very unlikely to know that they are completing an assessment and most enjoy the one-on-one time with their teacher!

You do not need to do anything to prepare your child for the assessment.

2023 information for parents reception baseline assessment webho.pdf

Phonics Screening

Pupils in Year 1 participate in the phonics screening check in June, which checks you child’s phonics knowledge. The check is completed with your child[‘s class teacher and consists of children reading two sets of 20 words, each list a mixture of real and pseudo-words.

The children will already be used to low stakes assessment of their phonics knowledge during the year and we do everything possible to make the check as pressure-free as possible.

Any child who does not meet the threshold for the check is assessed again in the summer term of Year 2. 

information for parents 2023 phonics screening check.pdf

Key Stage 1 SATS

As of the academic year 2023-24, the end of key stage 1 SATS assessments are no longer statutory. We will still report to you on your child’s progress at the end of Year 2 through our pupil reports.

Multiplication Tables Check

Pupils will sit an online check on their times tables fluency in the summer term of Year 4.

2023 information for parents multiplication tables check nov 22 pdfa.pdf

Key Stage 2 SATS