Leopards learn the Hero Twins Myth

Christmas 2017

Lions Christmas Cooking

The Lions had lots of fun making and decorating gingerbread biscuits for christmas.

Forest School

During their Forest School sessions this half term, the Lions have had fun making clay faces, climbing trees, building homes for animals and cooking on the fire.

Leopards Trip to Duxford

Indian Dance Workshop

The Lions class had so much fun during their Indian dance workshop! They learnt some amazing Bollywood dance moves, some traditional story dancing and had a great time dressing up in the beautiful costumes!

Autumn in Lion Class

Yesterday the Lions class went on a walk around the school to search for signs of Autumn. They were set a challenge of finding acorns, conkers, yellow leaves, waxy green leaves, berries and sycamore helicopter seeds. They rose to the challenge and managed to find lots of other interesting things too, including mushrooms, delicious apples and pumpkins!

Today was such a blustery autumn day that we decided to make our own kites. We had lots of fun testing them out on the field!

Leopards Investigate a Crime Scene

The Leopards class have been learning the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. On Monday they acted as police officers to investigate the scene of Romeo, Juliet and Paris’s death. They made notes of their observations and their interviews with key eyewitnesses.

Rainbow Food

The Tigers learned to prepare food safely by making rainbow pizzas and rainbow fruit kebabs. They definitely tasted as good as they looked!

Tiger Weather Experiments

The tiger class used syringes of water and cotton wool to learn about how clouds hold water. They also made a cloud in a cup and used food colouring to make it rain!