Tutankhamun Masks

Maths Puzzle Day

Maths Week in the Tigers Class

Maths Week in the Lions Class

Chapel Road Art Project 2015

Digital Leader Meeting 22nd May 2015

Digital Leader PosterA very successful meeting took place on Friday 22nd May.

  • Digital Leaders agreed to take photos of Maths Week and put them on website.
  • Rio mentioned he researched an app called ‘Alex’ (teaches children about directional language) and decided it would not be suitable for our school at the moment.
  • Jakey looked at Pics Art and said it was good because you can take a photo and then adapt it. We are considering it for school.
  • Mia is going to write something for the school website about ‘How to keep safe on the Internet’.
  • Chloe designed a wonderful Digital Leader poster which will be put up around school.
  • Isaac Clark said it might be a good idea to get some brain exercising apps.
  • Daniel/Rio suggested looking at reusing the old computer in one of the classrooms.
  • All thought it would be a good idea to hold an E-safety assembly in the summer term.
  • Jakey and Chloe have been helping people at home to fix iPads and games.


Cluster Kwik Cricket Competition – 21st May

Young Leaders Training Day – 20th May

Siddhartha and the Swan

Tiger Class have been looking at how the Buddhist story ‘Siddhartha and the Swan’ can teach people about how to care for animals and the environment. The children have been making origami and collage swans, being reflective, asking questions, researching information and drawing story boards.

Labour candidate visits the Leopards

Labour candidate for the local election visits the Leopards as part of their topic on democracy.