iPads for Kenninghall

We are delighted to announce that the school has invested in its ICT structure to place Kenninghall Primary at the cutting edge of technology in schools. The school now boasts high speed wireless broadband in every classroom and an impres-sive collection of iPads. The school had identified ICT provision as an area to improve (as had some parent surveys) and we feel we have made a massive leap forward this summer.

We have enough iPads for each class to have constant access to them for research and producing work. We also have a class trolley of ipads for ICT lessons. We will continue to use PCs (we also have a laptop trolley that all classes can access) but the iPads will improve what we can offer children at Kenninghall. As well as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programmes the iPad provides classes with a huge range of new resources: HD video recorders, sound mixing desks, 3D world atlases, video conferencing to allow us to talk to other schools, internet browsing and access to the 1000s of educational apps available through the Apple iStore.

We plan to use wireless synchronization (which will be available on iPads from the end of this month) for children to instantly show their work on the class whiteboards. This will allow them to share writing, presentations, research and even videos they have created in class.

Understandably, the children are very excited about the new ICT developments and they should help to make our curriculum even more enjoyable.