Swans Archive 2013-14

Swans Summer Term 2014

The Swans have been learning about floating and sinking in Science. We tested different materials to see if they would float and then made boats.


Swans have been learning about castles and have made shields and castles. We have also found out about knights and armour.

Swans have been making Catapalts and motte and bailey castles.

Swans have been leaning about plants.  We planted grass seeds and they grew into grass heads. We then cut their hair!

The Swans have been learning about minibeasts. They drew their own imaginary minibeasts outside with chalk.

We have been learning about butterflies and life cycles. We made a life cycle on a twig!

Robins and Swans Forest Schools Spring Term 2014

Who wants to be a story teller?

The children have been learning about stories and read “Stick Man”. Children made story windows to tell their own story of Stick Man.

The Swans have also been learning about shadows and made their own shadow puppets and told stories in groups.

The Swans made their own Stick Man after reading the story.

The Swans have been reading Tinga Tinga Stories and made their own collage of the tortoise.

Kingfishers share their picture books with the Swans

Swan’s Superhero Day

The Swans enjoyed their superhero day!

Swan’s Crime Fighters Topic

The swans have been learning about people who help us in our crime fighters topic. The children made fire engines with moving parts.

The Kingfishers Show the Swans their Talking French Books

Swans Sculpture