Robins Archive 2013-14

The Robins learn all about Honey Bees

Trip to Lopham Fen

Making Nest Boxes

Today the Robins had a visitor from the RSPB, who showed them how to make nest boxes for the garden. He talked to them about why making homes for birds is important and showed them the types of birds they might see nesting.


The Robins have been having lots of fun playing with our new ducklings. We had our duck eggs delivered on Monday and made sure we kept them nice and warm in an incubator. We were excited to hold the eggs and feel the ducklings moving inside…we even heard them cheeping! On Tuesday afternoon at art club some of us were lucky enough to see one of our ducklings hatching! By Wednesday morning all of our five ducklings had hatched and we really enjoyed holding them and giving them cuddles. We have been having so much fun watching them grow and learning how to look after them.

The Robins Enjoy Pancake Day!

The Robins helped to measure out the ingredients and mix them together to make their pancake batter. When we had cooked our pancakes, the Robins added their favourite toppings.

Building Strong Structures

This week the robins have been using different materials to make strong structures. They have had a go at using newspaper, straws, lolly pop sticks, large cardboard boxes, and spaghetti and marshmallows for building. They looked at which material was the strongest.

Robins and Swans Forest Schools Spring Term 2014

Police Visit

Making Rainforest Smoothies