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Catapulting Cornflakes

The Dinosaur Rap

Kingfishers Class Tag Rugby

Leicester Tigers tag rugby festival for the kingfishers class – 12th February.

Falcons make Jabberwocky masks

I Gladiator

I Gladiator

Page one.

It is 146Bc and your village is in great danger of the destructive Romans! However you are a Ancient Greek Gladiator,named Orpheus; master of all weapons. You’ve won many life threatening battles in the time scared coliseum, therefore you kill many innocent men daily! Unfortunately, you live in a old thatched cottage that has been bleached by the ball of oil, high in the sky. Turning it into crisp brown.

It was your farther’s . But last year you stabbed a spear done his throat because he murdered your wife. Meanwhile the general of the furious army ( Hercules ) sent a servant to tell you to meet him at dawn…

The following day he arrives at your door step . Suddenly ” Orpheus I’ve seen you fight many times old bean, and because of your impressive Gladiator skills, I would like to offer you a job”.? I need you to assassinate the Romans king ,you shall do or use what ever you like. However there’s a twist I shall give you as much money as you desire, if you take my daughter Athena?

If you want to take the money; Athena and leave? Go to page three.

If you want to just steal the money another time? Go to page five.

Page three.

You took the money and left to go home because you don’t have to set of till tomorrow. Anxiously ,while your walking down the grotesque street you bump into a hell of a man. His body was musclier and vast as tall as a giant. His violet vanes popped out of his body like bubble’s from a coldren. Suddenly he grips on to his spear on his back and THRUSTED it into the cement. Then said ” your deaddddd “.

When SLASH his head evolved into a eruptive volcano! It was Athena she slit his throat with her amber blade!

If you want to become friends with Athena? Go to page seven.

If you want to just storm of? Go to page four.

Page five.

You run of home to create a evil, hellish plan when a soldier smashes the oak door. He aims his bow! Then fires, it brakes your heart in two like the day your wife died.

The End! Go to page one.

Page seven.

You try make friends with the beautiful flower but doesn’t start of very well. Because you try kiss her crimson lips! She slaps you viciously ,therefore knocking you unconscious.

The End! Go to page one.

Page four.

Mysteriously, you rapidly meander down town, when you realise that she’s following. Then. She’s gone. When you arrive home she’s on your emerald couch. After she starts to talk “tomorrow what’s the plan also what weapons should we use” Athena whispers in a curiouser tone.

Go to page 6

Page six.

You reply shocked and in horror of the fact that your actually talking to her.”Well I think that we should design ,then create the best weapon in Greek history like Poseidon trident”. It’s a plan she agrees.

You stay up all night crafting the beast. When a Roman comes barching through the birch door.

If you want to stay and fight? Go to page eight.

If you want to run for your life? Go to page ten.

Page ten.

Terrified, you; Athena run for your life! When all of a sudden. Hercules parashooted through rotten window in the corner. And stabbed him in the chest. His last words were. “You will die for this we’re getting stronger and stronger every day ,also we have a surprise for you Orpheus”! “What do you think he means Orpheus, well now you go”. We don’t have enough time!

If you want to leave now? Go to page nine.

If you want to stay home? Go to page eleven.

Page eight.

” raise your swords men” bellowed the soldier eventually every man in the Roman Empire charged and murdered you!

The End.

By Joseph
Not finished yet.

Robins and Swans Forest Schools Spring Term 2014