Kingfishers Archive 2013-14

Why can’t we see in the dark?

The Degus visit the Kingfishers

Olympic Artwork

Kenninghall visit Stag Lane Junior

The Kingfishers reply to Stag Lane’s invitation

Dear 4JD class,

We were extremely excited when we got your invitation! Our Headteacher, Mr Nixon, said that we had to persuade him to let us go. It was very hard, but soon after many attempts to persuade him and lots of excellent persuasive writing, he finally said YES! We were over the moon that he agreed to let us go!

Year 5+6 (Falcons) would also like to come too, as they are in touch with the year five class. We hope that this is ok!

We are really excited that we get to meet you face to face, and we would like to accept your invitation.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes

Tilly and Luke, on behalf of The Kingfishers.

Bollywood Dancing