Class Archives 2013-14



Chicken Art

Group Presentations

The Kingfishers researched different breeds of chicken and presented what they had learnt to the rest of the class.

Science – My Amazing Body

The Owls made blood and experimented with how the stomach breaks down food. They also did experiments to work out how heart rate changes during exercise and learned about the liver, skeleton and teeth.

Dads to school day – World Cup theme

Leavers’ Book Photos

The Apprentice Bake Off

As part of their Maths projects the Owls class went head to head for a cake stall. They researched using questionnaires, presented their data, created timetables, conversion graphs and used ratio and proportion to work out their profits. The children did their own online shopping and worked as a team to bake everything for their after school stalls.

Science – The Water Cycle

Science – Experimenting with Micro-organisms

The Robins learn all about Honey Bees