School Council

School council minutes 2/2/15


  • Reading club after school and the librarians could read more to the younger children (D.W)
  • Drawing club to take place in the library. Could the library be opened more often? (C.H)
  • More clubs in the library (E.H)
  • If a child doesn’t have anyone to play with they could go into the library to read a book with other children (instead of the friendship stop). (E.F)
  • Book challenges in the library maybe before school– Who can read the most books and quizzes. (E.F)
  • Ipads in the library to read e-books (E.F)
  • Art club in the library (we discussed whether this would in fact be a good idea with all the mess!) (D.F)
  • We could have a book club, every time a child gets a book they have to challenge themselves to read more (D.F).
  • We need new librarians who are more responsible and open the library more often (A.B). (We discussed how we could choose new librarians – the children decided it could be opened up to yr 4/5s as well and they have to write a letter to say why they should be chosen).
  • Could we have more library time during school? After school some parents have to rush off (A.B)
  • It should be opened some days after school (E.F)
  • It could be opened in the mornings before school (C.H).

Art week

  • About three people said they really enjoyed the firebird collages (E.H)
  • Most people said they enjoyed painted and next time they would like to do more sketching (E.F)
  • We could link art week to the seasons next time (D.F)
  • The children liked how the teachers swapped around. I think we should do more art in class (D.H)
  • Lots of people liked the drama because it made them talk more in front of an audience (A.B).
  • The children really enjoyed the body percussion (A.C)
  • Lots of children said we could do a history or science week where we learn lots of different things and swap teacher (C.H).

What are we going to talk about this week in Circle Time?

  • Reminder about playground toys
  • Discuss what new playground toys we could buy

School Council Minutes 19/1/15

Feedback after last week’s circle group session – How should we look after the library?

D.F – Some children are shoving the books into the shelves really hard and need to remember to be more careful.

E.F – After school there should be two or three people checking the library is tidy at the end of the day

C.H – The library should be opened more and should be used for clubs (L.E suggested C.H discussed this further in the circle group meeting tomorrow).

A.B – One of the little children said that you should treat the books how you would like to be treated and I like that comment

E.H – Make sure the books go away in the right place and don’t stack them up

L.G – The librarians keep messing about in there and are climbing on the furniture. Perhaps we could have different librarians?

D.H – People don’t know when it is open.

Message from Mrs Meek – please could children talk about how the library could be used more in the next circle group session.

School Council Members