Leopards 2018-19

Leopards Music Workshop with Jacob

Year 5 Science and Maths Day at Old Buck

Leopards visit the Royal Norfolk Show

Leopards Teach Each Other Old Testament Stories

Leopards Investigate a Crime Scene

This week, the Leopards acted as police detectives as they entered the Capulet tomb and discovered the bodies of Romeo, Juliet and Paris. They took notes on the crime scene and interviewed witnesses for their police reports.

Year 5&6 Girls Kwik Cricket Tournament

Leopards Retell Romeo and Juliet using Drama

The Leopards have been learning the story of Romeo and Juliet. To help with their understanding, each group of children got given a different section of the play which they had to perform to the rest of the class. They came up with some great ideas!

Leopards Maths Investigation

The Leopards were challenged to investigate arranging coloured cups and saucers into a grid following a set of rules where no cup or saucer could have the same colour combination and no row or column could repeat the same colour of cup or saucer. It was very challenging but they were all very resilient and team-working!

Year 5&6 Tag Rugby Final