Reading Cloak

Panthers have been reading their creative writing out aloud in class. They have been producing some excellent pieces of written work- the reading cloak is being used every Friday! Well done to Grace, Bailey, Charlotte, Joshua, Charlie, Jules, India and Annabel so far. Who will it be this week? Keep writing!

Don’t Judge a Book By its Cover

We have been reading books, secretly wrapping them up in brown paper with a tag saying ‘read me’ and then writing a short book review on the package to tempt someone to read a new book. The children opened the books at the end of last term whilst having a tea party!

Panther’s Anglo-Saxon Day

On Friday 21st October Panthers took part in an Anglo-Saxon day. They took part in a number of activities throughout the day to enhance their understanding of Anglo-Saxon times. Activities included weaving, designing illuminated letters, brooch and coin making and food tasting. Children showed their finished work in the celebration assembly at the end of the day!

1950s School Day

On Wednesday Year one experienced a little taster of what school might have been like in the 1950s. They took part in some traditional lessons including: handwriting with pens and ink, ‘chalk and talk’ mathematics, nature studies and music and movement. At snack time they had a glass of milk and had fun playing with hula hoops and marbles and in the afternoon they watched some episodes of ‘Watch with mother’ from the 1950s.

Maths – Place Value

The Tigers have been learning all about number this half term.  They have worked hard to understand how 3 digit numbers are made up of hundreds, tens and ones.

Changes within Living Memory

The Tigers have been finding about about how life has changed in the last 80 years. We have investigated how communication has changed from sending telegrams and the first telephones to now using email and Twitter.  The children also found out about what happens when you write and send a letter.  We wrote our own letters all about everything we had learnt about communication, addressed the envelopes and then sent them using the pillar box.

Leopards Maths Café

Leopards play Anglo-Saxon board games

Leopards Make Blood!