Good Work Assembly

In our Good Work Assembly today we congratulated Ollie for her super Rousseau inspired art work. Ruby had written an excellent piece of descriptive writing using mature and exciting vocabulary. Levi and Lacey both impressed us all with their great Greek Myth openings, we can’t wait to read the completed stories. Isaac has been rewarded for his enthusiasm, he impressed us with his number knowledge! Danny has settled in really well having only started our school in January, he is really happy and settled. Luke wrote some great descriptions of giants and read his work really clearly and Oscar read very fluently from his guided reading book.Well done to you all!

Tigers Changing Materials

The Tigers have been learning about changing materials in science. We investigated different ways of changing paper today including bending, scrunching, folding, twisting and ripping. The children had great fun making art paper sculptures using these techniques.

Leopards’ Dance Workshop

The Leopards did an anti-bullying workshop with Slanted Dance. They thought about the message of anti-bullying and learnt about community in other cultures. They put together their learning into a group and paired dance routine.